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What is Perfume

What is Perfume

What is perfume? Perfume is made from either natural ingredients like the essential oils of plants or the musk of animals, spices and man made chemicals. The mixture of these ingredients are blended with an sd alcohol (which is a very pure form of alcohol) or oil.

shopping tips
Shopping tip 101 Shopping tip One of the best ways to stay focused while shopping is to take a picture with you out of one of your favorite magazines. If you take an image with you, not only will it help you and a sales staff to pull together the look you want, but it will also help you stay focused on what you came to the store for in the first place as well as save money.
Source your magazines-meaning pull out the information that inspires you, put it in a binder and recycle the rest. I started doing this when I was in college and it has been a lot of fun. It also saves time and space.


t-shirt bra
I love womens shoes. I have no idea why I love them as much as I do. It is a true obsession.

All the girls in my family seemed to be afflicted with it, thought some have it more then others.

I thought for the longest it was some weird little oddity that only my family had.

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Fabrics Glossary Raw or Wild
silk fabrics


Lightweight luminous and strong, this fabric comes in an infinite variety. It have given us the most diaphanous evening gowns and sexiest lingerie.

It has a long and illustrious history. It has been prized my monarchs the world over for thousands of years.

As you probably know, it is a natural protein filament fiber made from worms. Its fibers have a triangular cross section with rounded corners.

This reflects the light at many different angles, which imparts a lustrous sheen. It is a strong natural fiber though it loses 20% of its strength when wet.

Almost all is cultivated in a controlled environment, though there is wild silk or Tussah  is a thicker shorter filaments produced by worms in their natural habitat.

Wild or Raw

these are not words used interchangeably with this fiber. Raw is where the natural gum has not been removed , whereas wild can mean the gum has been removed . It is the only natural fiber that comes in filament form.

Like wool, it is very absorbent, so it is great for under garments like slips, camisoles and leggings. Either long filaments or short filaments create hundreds of different kinds of  fabrics.

The cocoons are sorted, softened and unwound onto a reel. Reeled  filaments are the long filaments that are twisted into threads. This process is called throwing.

Thrown silks are used for a variety of lightweight fabrics like georgette, organza and crepe de chin.

Spun are the short filaments that are carded, kind of like wool, and then spun into thread. These are less expensive and a bit more fragile. They have a tendency to produce the fuzzes in areas that get a lot of wear.  

It is one of the best mediums to take dyes, because of that silk is perfect for design work to go on scarves, dresses and blouses. Of course the down side of that is silk stains easily.


Is a satin weave and crepe back. It is a lighter weight version of satin.

It is slippery to the hand and has a really nice drape but can sometimes be clingy.

Also it doesn’t hold its shape well. Donna Karan has been known to do wonders with this fabric.


Is an airy, very sheer and lightweight. You’ll see it used most often in eveningwear as a layering both over and under other garments.

Crepe de Chine

Has a soft luminous sheen. It is light weight and has a wonderful drape.

It is commonly used for casual dresses and evening gowns, blouses and scarves
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