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What is Perfume

What is Perfume

What is perfume? Perfume is made from either natural ingredients like the essential oils of plants or the musk of animals, spices and man made chemicals. The mixture of these ingredients are blended with an sd alcohol (which is a very pure form of alcohol) or oil.

shopping tips
Shopping tip 101 Shopping tip One of the best ways to stay focused while shopping is to take a picture with you out of one of your favorite magazines. If you take an image with you, not only will it help you and a sales staff to pull together the look you want, but it will also help you stay focused on what you came to the store for in the first place as well as save money.
Source your magazines-meaning pull out the information that inspires you, put it in a binder and recycle the rest. I started doing this when I was in college and it has been a lot of fun. It also saves time and space.


t-shirt bra
I love womens shoes. I have no idea why I love them as much as I do. It is a true obsession.

All the girls in my family seemed to be afflicted with it, thought some have it more then others.

I thought for the longest it was some weird little oddity that only my family had.

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Cloaks Poncho


I am always surprised how cool people look when wearing capes. When I'll see someone in a cape, I always think how stylish and pulled together they look,why don't more of us wear them?

They are made of a simple unstructured piece of material closed at the neck with some sort of fastener.

Wraps were one of the earliest garments used to protect humans from the elements. The Roman and Greeks used them for warmth as well as for blankets.

Hoods, armholes and pockets have been added over time. Cloaks, shawls, wraps and stoles are all variations of this loose fitting garment.

Cloaks And Ponchos


Cloaks are simply longer versions. Drama, secrecy and fantasy all surround the mystery of cloaks.

Cloaks are less restricting then its cousin and wearing one gives you the ability to make a grand entrance. Cloaks are sometimes the preferred garments to wear with ball gowns and other formal dresses.


Created by the Peruvians, ponchos are similar in that they are also a loose unstructured piece of material, except a hole or slit is made for the head to pass through.
They are then closed at the sides by buttons or other closures. Ponchos are used throughout South American countries and parts of the American southwest.

How to wear a cape

Look for one that isn't so large it looks like you're wearing a king sized blanket. Because of the layering effect they give, choose one that won't be too warm.

They are such a great option to coats that, wearing one enhances any woman's  figure. They are warm comfortable and, of course, dramatic to wear.

Most women can wear one. Plus size women who have a tough time finding a coat that fits well should consider wearing a  cloak.

There are a quite a few designers that have on the catwalk. Looking in artsy boutiques, import shops , boutiques, and art fairs are a great place to find the unusual.

Style advice

This kind of outerwear creates drama because of the draping , so find good quality fabric that hangs well and is soft to the touch.

fashion History

Interesting fashion history

Archeologists believe that the earliest garments were probably scraped hides with holes cut in the center and draped over the body to protect the wearer from the elements.

Fashion tips

A really cool thing to do is find an interesting closure, a piece of sturdy jewelry or great button that will really set off your cape. Belting  is also an interesting way to wear one and look stylish. These are one of the coolest and most often-overlooked garments you can wear.

Kenzo Yves Saint Laurent Junya Watanabe




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