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What is Perfume

What is Perfume

What is perfume? Perfume is made from either natural ingredients like the essential oils of plants or the musk of animals, spices and man made chemicals. The mixture of these ingredients are blended with an sd alcohol (which is a very pure form of alcohol) or oil.

shopping tips
Shopping tip 101 Shopping tip One of the best ways to stay focused while shopping is to take a picture with you out of one of your favorite magazines. If you take an image with you, not only will it help you and a sales staff to pull together the look you want, but it will also help you stay focused on what you came to the store for in the first place as well as save money.
Source your magazines-meaning pull out the information that inspires you, put it in a binder and recycle the rest. I started doing this when I was in college and it has been a lot of fun. It also saves time and space.


t-shirt bra
I love womens shoes. I have no idea why I love them as much as I do. It is a true obsession.

All the girls in my family seemed to be afflicted with it, thought some have it more then others.

I thought for the longest it was some weird little oddity that only my family had.

Fabric Information : What's On This Page
How to Wash Silk and Wool fabrics The Super 100's

More Fabric Information

GilesHow to wash silk and wool

Most garments should have a care label. For best results follow the care label. For the few garments that don't have a label here are some general guidelines.

All wool and silk garments that have structure like coats, jackets, dresses,pants and skirts should be sent to the dry cleaners, unless it says otherwise.

Wool and  silk garments like sweaters, scarves, wraps and any unstructured items like a sweater dress or pullover skirt can usually washed by hand. Wool and silk that is knitted can almost alway be handwashes and in many cases should be washed by hand.
  1. Use cool water and a natural non alkaline soap or shampoo.
  2. Wash gently, no quick agitation and don't twist or ring.
  3. Rinse in cool water until the water is clear.
  4. Push and squeeze the water out of the garment ,while in the sink roll up your garment in a clean towel and gently push to remove more water.
  5. Lay out your garment flat to dry, on is ideal.

Note:When cleaning silk by hand you should always wash the garments seperately. Silk takes dye very well but it can also bleed when washing.

fabric care

More Fabric Information

when washing wool


Agitation and heat will make the fibers lock around each other knitting them tighter together then before.

What are The super "100's"

They are ultra thin wool fabrics with fine weaves. The number represents the count, for example "super 120" means there are 120 threads per square inch. The higher the number the finer the fabric. They are the primo fabrics when it comes to suiting.

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