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What is Perfume

What is Perfume

What is perfume? Perfume is made from either natural ingredients like the essential oils of plants or the musk of animals, spices and man made chemicals. The mixture of these ingredients are blended with an sd alcohol (which is a very pure form of alcohol) or oil.

shopping tips
Shopping tip 101 Shopping tip One of the best ways to stay focused while shopping is to take a picture with you out of one of your favorite magazines. If you take an image with you, not only will it help you and a sales staff to pull together the look you want, but it will also help you stay focused on what you came to the store for in the first place as well as save money.
Source your magazines-meaning pull out the information that inspires you, put it in a binder and recycle the rest. I started doing this when I was in college and it has been a lot of fun. It also saves time and space.


t-shirt bra
I love womens shoes. I have no idea why I love them as much as I do. It is a true obsession.

All the girls in my family seemed to be afflicted with it, thought some have it more then others.

I thought for the longest it was some weird little oddity that only my family had.

Body Types
What is Attraction Symmetry Color and Perspective Details or Simple
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Body Types

There is a lot written about what to wear for different body types.

It’s much easier then you might realize. So my goal is to free you from ever being confused on this subject again. I hope you’ll have an a’ha moment.

Whether we are aware of it or not, there are only two reasons we even bother with clothes.

  1. Utilitarian, to protect our nearly hairless anatomy from the environment.
  2. Adornment, to make our bodies more attractive.

This website is mostly about adornment - the art of adornment
Let’s strip away the details, which I personally find totally confusing, and get to the basics. I've always found it easier to understand a subject if I could understand the fundamental concept or idea beneath it. Three concepts to freedom

concept oneConcept One

Concept one: what is attraction? 

 There is a lot of information on the science of attraction. Scientists have studied both humans and animals to see what makes some females and males more attractive than others.

What they found consistently was symmetry. Because on a subconscious level, symmetry sends the message we’re healthy. And being healthy makes us more attractive and is what promotes the continuation of our gene pool.Symmetry seems to be the number one key to physical attraction. 

These photos show symmetry all around us.

Concept Twoconcept two

Concept two: color, perspective and contrast. 

This picture is the perfect example of how color and perspective changes our perception of size.

The lighter the color the larger the object appears.  The darker the color the smaller an object appears. Contrast is another good way to create illusion.
Believe it or not,the image to the right the shapes are the same size.

Concept Three

Concept three:  accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative

This was a famous song popular in the early 40's. If translated into fashion talk, we would say: accentuate the positive - place details where you want the eye to go. Then, eliminate the negative. Anything that is simple, plain and unassuming, the eye skims over.  It simply skims over what is uninteresting.

The bottom line: details draw attention, plain or uninteresting doesn’t.

Put together: create symmetry by wearing clothing that is harmonious with your body. Create contour and illusion through color and place details where you want the eyes to go.

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